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Welcome to MCHPL

MEROPS CONSULTING HOUSE (P) LTD, set up in 2011, is a diversified business consulting and Services Company duly registered under the Companies Act 1956 in India. The company was set up with an objective to serve to businesses in three commonly state phases of a business development viz. START - GROW - SUSTAIN.

START : New Business launching services

GROW : Business and Strategic Management

SUSTAIN : Industrial Safety and Sustainability Services

VISION - To be the pre-eminent and global business solutions, services and consulting company.

MISSION - To create and deliver, business enabling, growth and sustainability related, products and services, which will ensure success of customers in their business and delight them.

Our Values

Aristotle once said, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”

In every part of MCHPL business, right from the products or services and business processes, we observe strict discipline of quality. It is said that ‘quality is defined by the customer’, we do what works best for our client.

“Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company.”
The most difficult part of ensuring best quality is selection of best vendors, suppliers or experts. We place great emphasis on managing quality by carefully choosing business associates and planned steps taken to ensure that the products and services offered to our customers are consistent, reliable and truly meet their needs.

A brief Summary of MCHPL quality principles is –
– Client Centric Approach: Our success depends on our customers and therefore we continuously study and understand current and future customer needs to meet customer requirements, and strive to exceed customer expectations.
– Process Development Approach: A desired result can be achieved more efficiently when related resources and activities are viewed and managed as a process.
– System Orientation: Identifying, understanding, and managing a system of interrelated processes for a given objective, contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.
– Continuous Improvement: Continuous improvement is what keeps organization ahead of the competition.
– Data based Decision Making Process: Effective decisions and actions are based on the methodological analysis of data and information.

The obligation of any business to protect and serve public interest is known as corporate social responsibility of business. Social responsibility is also that, an organization does not do anything harmful to the society in course of its business activities. MEROPS has an arm deliberately in the consulting of sustainability, corporate social responsibility, business ethics and industrial safety, to help industry to contribute to the betterment of the employees and society.

Trust arises from the way business chooses to interact with its customer, employees and stakeholders. Trust in complex organizations should not be left to chance. One of the vital process in building trust is how we manage the inevitable conflicts that arise in any relationship. It can be best managed by a willingness to acknowledge conflict and engage constructively, instead of pretending it’s not there.

The fundamental management system process of Plan-Do-Check-Act serves as an effective framework for developing a strategic approach to transparency. Three basic areas where transperancy is of greatest importance is leadership and governance, stakeholder's relations and performance reporting systems.

Our key Strengths

Digitization of Business
Management Consulting
Internet Marketing
Sustainability consulting

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