Business Research

Business Research

Business Research is a process of systematic investigation of a business problem. Research is a management tool companies use to reduce uncertainty in business decisions.

We mainly carry out quantitative analysis with the primary or secondary data available with our client.

At MEROPS we do not deal with pure qualitative research.

Also, the role of research is different in different business functions.

In marketing it can be used to understand voice of customer, customer satisfaction level or to know which attributes of a product or service can truly delight customer whereas in production it can be used to know what to produce, when to produce and how much to produce taking into consideration seasonal and other cyclical effects indicated in demand forecasting. In banking and finance research can be used to do studies around economic conditions of business like ratio analysis whereas in materials it can be used to study demand-supply gaps or demand forecasting analysis. The business research techniques can be used in any of the business functions.

We also organise statistical research programs for our client's managers who can get through understanding of different data handling techniques.

Some sample business research assignments can be like to understand -

How does product range be compared in terms of contribution?

What is most effective of all the ways in which a new employee is oriented?

Which method of training is more suitable for which employee?

What are the factors that can potentially delight our customer - while developing a new product?

There are different kinds of surveys which we can design for your specific issue. We may also have to design a questioner based on scientific approach to gather data from the research sample. We can also analyse any primary data collected in the process or any kind of secondary data available.

Or you can also contact us for your needs related to specially customised, statistical analysis trainings.