Change Management

Change Management

Change is an alteration of a company’s business strategy, organization structure or the culture in which business operates by changes in management techniques, technology or the people. There are two kind of approaches typically used across industries viz. ‘Top-Down Approach’ and ‘Bottom-Up Approach’ for change projects. Both are equally effective and are widely used based on which is the tool selected.

We mainly believe and operate in the area of executing change management project using six sigma management system. We follow ‘Top-Down Approach’ as it is best suited to six sigma implementation.

Six sigma is a set of tools and strategies which were originally invented by Motorola for the purpose of process improvement drive across organisation. Today it is central focus of business strategy of many big business houses and MNCs, in different industrial sectors.

These organisations use it for well quantified value targets in hard headed metrics like cost reduction, profit maximisation or even customer satisfaction apart from innumerable metrics in quality and other continuous improvement projects.

The systematic implementation of six sigma in your organisation, brings out unexpected positive results in creating and nurturing internal leaders; improving managerial decision making based on data and statistical analysis, eliminating wastes, targeting outliers and thereby improving efficiency and effectiveness of your people and processes.

Six sigma creates change agents very formally who are drivers of change in your organisation. These are typically project leaders, mentors or even the internal trainers.

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