Guides and Associates

Guides and Associates

Mr. S H Mutha, is a name well recognised in the field of EHS. After a gigantic of 35 years of corporate experience in the field of business insurance and industrial safety, he has also delivered quite a lot of consulting assignments and conducted corporate trainings and seminars in the field of Industrial safety. He is an unparalleled combination of experience in the vast industrial knowledge domains like Industrial Safety, Production Technology and Business Insurance.

He has experience and expertise in Safety Management and Audit, Safety Training and Inspection, Hazard and Risk Analysis, Assessment, Training and Maintenance of Fire Fighting Appliances, On Site Emergency Control Plan.

He has been associated with number of Private companies, Government bodies and Educational institutes including Sudarshan Chemicals, Dai Ichi, Hindustan Organic Chemicals, Maratha Chamber of Commerce, Director of Industrial Safety and Health, Institute of Engineers, Pune, Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Indian Environment Association, National Safety Organization to name a few.

Dr. Sanjay B. has been an expert voice in Customer and Market Driven Quality Management for years. After successfully been awarded as Ph. D. in the subject, he has several assignments to his credits ranging from Strategic Management to Corporate Governance and Sustainable Economic Development. He has several international assignments and publications to his credits in international and reputed Indian Journals.

He has presented papers or conducted seminars in several internationally reputed Institutions and Universities like Massey University Albany, New Zealand, CEDRE, UK, CEREFIGE (European Centre for Research in Financial Economics and Business Administration), USA, International Tourism Congress, Bangkok, Thailand, IAMB, San Diego (California) USA, etc.

Mr. Sachin Mutha, presently a research scholar in Pune University, India (in Marketing Management), has a rich corporate experience of 12 years. He has several projects, appointments and promotions by reputed Multinational Companies and reputed Indian Multinational Organisations to his credits like Bajaj Auto Ltd., Mahindra and Mahindra, Piaggio Vehicles Private Limited, SKF, Crompton Greaves Limited, etc.

He is a unique combination of skills in six sigma, business excellence, digital engagement, systems analysis and applications, content marketing and creativity management.

Visit his personal blog which discusses about practical aspects of content marketing execution for SMEs and entrepreneurs.

SYSPROIC Management Consultants is a group of consultants in strategic management area with an focus to mainly cater to MSME sector. The vision of SYSPROIC is

"To be the most preferred consulting solutions provider, in the area of process improvement and change management practices"

click here to know more about SYSPROIC.

'TENET BRAND STUDIO' is a group of consultants in branding and e-marketing solutions. TENET is about belief of a business and the way it is perceived by the customers and a mean to reduce gap in-between.

TENET mainly follow 'Concept2Corp' process, be it a project of launching a new brand or an exercise of rebranding.

TENET also has a special arm of present day web technologist in mainly CMS developments.

Please, visit here to know more about TENET BRAND STUDIO, its principles and processes.

When it comes to advanced knowledge of Taxation and Accounting, our associated CAs are a well-equipped team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Be it an assignment of registering a proprietorship or a private limited company or Tax Audits, all are subjected to a strict discipline without any compromise with the legal sustainability of any type of business.