Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety

Some aspects of business sustainability viz. Occupational Health, Safety, Environmental Sustainability are of utmost importance if your business is in manufacturing sector.

Occupational Health and Safety is necessarily a vast domain encompassing many disciplines to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control hazards to protect workmen, workplace and environment.

To sustain a business (especially a manufacturing plant) in long-term so that impact of hazards on workers, environment and organization can be reduced, it is very essential that ‘safety’ aspect of the business must be taken care of, by expert hands.

Protection of workers against sickness or disease and injury must be the central issue to achieve strong and sustained working conditions and preventive safety culture in any organization.

The Conventions, Recommendations and codes of practice that are the sub-set of “core” ILO instruments known as OSH cover all the principles necessary to establish, implement and manage OSH systems.

It is responsibility of employers to ensure that the working environment is safe, secured and healthy. Safety Trainings is one of the very important tasks to be carried out by employers. Employer, Manager or Supervisor is directly responsible for ensuring that the workers are adequately trained for the work, they are to undertake, their safety and co-worker’s safety while working.

Industrial accidents are always caused by preventable factors which could be eliminated by implementing already known and available measures and methods. The application of preventive strategies therefore offers significant human and economic benefits.

We have people who have more than 25 years of experience of conducting safety trainings, workshops, competitions in multiple large scale organizations.

Our people have carried safety audits in many organizations of repute.

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