Creative Strategy

Creative Strategy

For any business to ultimately attract customers, along with best offerings, what is needed is a properly articulated message which goes to customer’s mind to occupy a space for your brand.

This is possible only with well-thought-out creative strategy and a decision to exclude obvious choices which are common, possible, logical and attractive.

Creative strategy is a base for integrated marketing communications which goes out to create lasting impressions about your company or brand and products or services.

There are mainly 3 layers of creative strategy namely –

1. Corporate level

2. Brand level and

3. Product or service level

Corporate level strategy includes basic marketing strategy at organizational level and has greatest impact on all the types of communications.

Brand level strategy has highest impact at the brand level but will have relatively lower impact on parent brand or business as a whole.

Product or service level strategy will have most impact on the product or service which is to be launched but will have lower impact on brand or business as a whole.

Our expert marketing researchers can write an exclusive creative strategy for your company, business, brand or even product and service level.

Creative strategy is formulated taking into account objective or purpose, target audience and positioning of the brand relative to competitors.

This is achieved by studying or designing of the promise to be given to customer and supporting facts to make customer to believe what you are promising.

This can be further fine-tuned by establishing proper tone suited to create net impression.