Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at MCHPL believe that education is the only way to ultimate survival. MCHPL promises 0.25% of annual PAT to 'Mission Education' campaign by CRY.

'Mission Education' campaign is about ensuring a happy and creative childhood for children across India and ensuring them their right to education.

To know more about 'CRY' click here

It is said that, 'Entrepreneurs' are the drivers of the economy, be it any nation.

In order to promote entrepreneurship in India, we at MEROPS promise the basic consulting module on entrepreneurship in India free to any individual who has been selected in any of the initiatives of MEROPS for promoting entrepreneurship activities.

In order to spread knowledge we are coming up with initiative of e-library which will share free e-books, business case studies, upcoming and innovative business models and ideas, in-house journals editions and articles with our members, customers and associates.

You can register here to become a member and avail these benefits free of cost.

Though a lot of industrial and institutional collaborations has been talked about, gap in academic grooming of students in universities to become professional executives and industry needs of functional experts, is the universal problem still today.

MCHPL's upcoming initiative in this respect promises to help industry professionals and academic experts to 'stepin' an inch closer than before. click here to know more...