Operations Management

Operations Management

Our operations management solutions are mainly useful for implementing operations management techniques, for managing and optimizing resources that produce goods or services.

Generally it involves solutions related to Continuous process improvements, eliminating non-value added activities, carrying out value stream studies, lean and six sigma projects, quality management aspects or the innovative problem solving methodologies.

The outcome of all these studies and the team efforts put in can be in terms of changes in method or changes/improvements in resources like tools or material handling equipment’s design or the plant/cell layout or simply improving process performance by training or eliminating waste, without suggesting any tangible investments.

In some peculiar projects we may end up suggesting changes in quality standards or the process flow or the process itself.

Implementing any related management technique require high amount of support and commitment from sponsors or business unit owners.

The basic purpose of implementing any of these world class and proven management techniques and methodologies need not be only as process improvements but many a times companies have adopted these techniques as a tool for implementing change management projects.

Our people have experienced implementation of these techniques while working as a management trainer cum project mentor in world class organizations. We have people who have also worked as six sigma black belt and also the six sigma project mentor in MNC.

We also have university researchers in our team who support our people for necessary statistical analysis if required, while training and implementing some of the six sigma methodologies like DMAIC or modules like COPIS, VOC, DOE, etc.

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